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FLINT Program Incorporated originated by local leaders wanting to promote change within the education system and their communities to ensure all students have the opportunity to be successful.

FLINT Program Inc. is now accepting application for the Fall 2020 FLINT Scholarship. Visit our website and locate Our Scholarships at

FLINT Programs Inc. provides members with the opportunity to create their own scholarship and be the spark that ignites a student's future.

What is FLINT?

Flint is used with steel to produce an igniting spark. At FLINT Program Inc. we provide members with the opportunity to create their own scholarship fund and be the spark

that ignites a student’s future.


FLINT Program Inc. was established on December 2018 by three local leaders Derrick Stone, Sean Elad, and Delianna Santana Cruz to ensure all students achieve their educational success without any borders. FLINT Programs prides itself on paying it forward. The founders have all received scholarships and financial resources which has been resounding not only within their academic success but also their career endeavors. "Developing this program enables us to give back to other deserving students," says Co-Founder Delianna Santana Cruz a graduate from Ella T. Grasso High School who received her B.A. in Psychology at Central Connecticut State University in 2019.

How it works?

Members will meet with one of our representatives that will assist with developing the scholarship application. This consist of: determining the scholarship

criteria, contribution amount, and electing the deadline.

After the scholarship is created and funds are received, the application will be published to our website Students will then access and apply for scholarships they are eligible for. At the end of each year we will host a scholarship ceremony to recognize the recipient’s achievement and to thank our members for their contributions.

Throughout the year we will organize workshops that will provide our members and recipients an opportunity to connect with one another while also developing and learning new skills.

Become a member

Our membership is $150. To become a member fill-out our membership form and submit. It’s that easy. Support FLINT by starting your own scholarship or by donating.

Thank you!

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