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Happy New Year: Envision & Reminisce

Greetings and Recap

FLINT Program Inc., would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and even so a Happy Black History Month. We are celebrating our 4th year of providing services to students and communities, we'd like to thank everyone that has supported us thus far and looking forward to welcoming new individuals to our community.

If interested in joining our family use this link: .Concluding 2022, we added three new scholarship recipients; two from the DMTS Scholarship Foundation (founded by Deivone M. Tanksley Sr.) and 1 from our very own Next Generation Scholarship (founded by FLINT Program Inc.).

Past Events

FLINT Recreation was able to raise over 1.5K for scholarships from our annual "Spring Clash" 5 Man Contact Flag Football Tournament. Stay tuned for what's to come in 2023...

What's In The Works

Currently we have our Social Media Scholarship that's open to applicants from High School (Senior) to Graduate Students that will be closing at the end of the month February 28th.

Our committee has been working diligently towards ideas we look to incorporate this year. Our main focus coming into 2023 consist of applying for grants. As an organization we look to enhance our abilities to serve the communities with beneficial initiatives that align with our mission. We believe applying for a grant will help ensure that we meet these objectives.


Do you want to make an impact? FLINT Program offers our members the opportunity to impact the lives of tomorrow’s future leaders. As a member, you will have the ability to create your own scholarship and establish your list of requirements/eligibility.

Benefits of being a FLINT member:

1. Mentoring with student scholars

2. Making college affordable for students

3. Charitable Tax Deductions

How Does It Work?

Interested candidates will complete the become a member form:

Upon completion, our team will meet with the potential member and establish the scholarship criteria. Once all dues are paid, the scholarship will be published to the FLINT scholars website and other social media networks. Eligible students can apply online @

Annual Fees:

Annual Membership Fee is $150. This amount will cover the cost of administrative fees, marketing fees, screening fees, student selection fees etc.

Join Today!

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