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Expanding Youth Fountains!

Meet our new 2021-2022 scholarship recipients.

Our 2021-2022 scholarships campaign was competitive with over 100+ candidates from diverse communities in CT, MA, NJ, & NY. Introducing our Next Generation Academic Scholarship recipient, which was rewarded to a student that exemplifies ideas of the future and embodies a culture of paying it forward. Ishva Mehta (top-right), an incoming freshman at Rutgers University with aspirations of becoming an Educational Advocate was this year's recipient. The DMTS Scholarship which was founded by Deivone M. Tanksley Sr. was awarded to one student. This scholar was Trinitee Williams of Central Connecticut State University (top-left) who will be pursuing a Strategic Communications degree. This candidate has humanitarianism embellished in her career and the DMTS scholarship will provide books for her studies. The last scholarship recipient is Sade Meeks (bottom), who is a Data Analytics major at Villanova University this year. Sade Meeks was the selected candidate for our Athletic Scholarship #HowDoYouMove for students that compete on the field as well as in the classroom for she competes in Track and Field. Overall, we awarded over $2,000 this year post pandemic. Thank you to our scholarship committee for your dedication in selecting these profound candidates. Special thanks to our members that have donated and developed scholarships for the next generation of scholars. We would also like to thank all of our applicants for choosing to apply with us. There will be more scholarships available in the future.

Calling New Members

We are currently looking for new members to enroll into our organization. Our membership allows for eligible members in our community the opportunity to give back by developing their own scholarships.

How does it work?

Interested candidates will complete the become a member form:

Upon completion our team will meet with the potential member and establish the scholarship criteria. Once all dues are paid the scholarship will be published to the FLINT scholars website and other social media networks. Eligible student can apply online using the developed scholarship created by the member.

FLINT Recreation

During our 2021 Campaign, we wanted to ensure that we gained more community engagement. Our organization started up FLINT Recreations to embrace the sports realm and found much success with Flag Football. In addition, our organization hosted a Virtual Bingo Night in the month of April. FLINT Recreations was able to produce 3 successful tournaments being: Spring Classic; The Warm Up; and Heat Wave consisting of both 5 and 7 Man Tournaments. Winners were awarded over 10K in rewards.

Spring Classic 2021-2022: This was FLINT Recreations first very own tournament that was held in March 2021. Hosted 16 Teams that battled for the $2K Prize representing many parts of the North East.

Winner: Universal Athletes

The Warm Up 2021-2022: This was FLINT Recreations second tournament this past year. 8 Teams battled with 5 Men for the total of $3,500. This tournament was broken down into two brackets.

Bracket A Winner: Underground Kings (UGK)

Bracket B Winner: Sneaker Oven

Heat Wave 2021-2022: For the last tournament, we hosted a 7 Man Tournament for the total of $9K.

Bracket A Winner: Universal Athletes

Bracket B Winner: Clamp Kings

Virtual Bingo Night: We had the opportunity to host a Virtual Bingo Event that was a great success with having over 40 participants from all over the US.


Round 1: Tanya Munson - $50

Round 2: Jennifer Adams- $75

Round 3: Datrice Smith - $100

Round 4: Ana Mateo - $175

Our organization would like to give a special thanks to the establishments that allowed us to use their facilities to host our events. In addition to the all the participants that embraced an opportunity to support FLINT in 2021. Be sure to be on the look out for what's next to come.

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