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Looking To The Future!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Meet our new 2020 scholarship recipients.

Our scholarships were competitive with over 100 + candidates from diverse communities in CT, MA, NJ, & NY. Our FLINT Scholarship recipient was rewarded to a student that exemplified paying it forward in the community. Ethan Kerr (top-left), an incoming freshman at The Catholic University of America with aspirations of becoming an Engineer was this year's recipient. The DMTS Scholarship which was founded by Deivone M. Tanksley Sr. was awarded to two students. The first scholar was Sierra Pettway of Sacred Heart University (top-right) who will be pursuing a nursing degree. The second scholar is Adrian Huq (bottom-left) of Tufts University who is an environmental activist, both of these candidates have humanitarianism embellished in their careers and the DMTS scholarship will provide books for their studies. The last scholarship recipient is Vedang Prajapati, who will be a business major at New York University this year. Vedang Prajapati was the selected candidate for our social media scholarship for students that simply applied themselves. Overall, we awarded over $2,000 this year amid the global pandemic. Thank you to our scholarship committee for your dedication in selecting these profound candidates. Special thanks to our members that have donated and developed scholarships for the next generation of scholars. We would also like to thank all of our applicants for choosing to apply with us. There will be more scholarships available in the future.

Calling New Members

We are currently looking for new members to enroll into our organization. Our membership allows for eligible members in our community the opportunity to give back by developing their own scholarships.

How does it work?

Interested candidates will complete the become a member form:

Upon completion our team will meet with the potential member and establish the scholarship criteria. Once all dues are paid the scholarship will be published to the FLINT scholars website and other social media networks. Eligible student can apply online using the developed scholarship created by the member.


Over the last 3 months we've managed to engage with our community through a digital approach known as the "PLAT", which is accessible to the public through our social networks. The platform strives to provide information to the community by connecting with local professionals in different fields like: Health & Wellness;

Real-Estate; Financial Advising and Entrepreneurship. These professionals provide us with two minutes worth of information pertaining to their field and we feature these tips weekly Monday through Friday. One of the biggest things we've learned about our viewers through this time is that they have shown appreciation for the content we provide. Our follower's favorite topics have been Real-Estate Tuesday and Financial Wednesday. Moving forward the "PLAT" would like to connect our scholars with some of the local professionals in the near future. In addition, we also look to network with other non-profit organizations who will be willing to provide community outreach to our PLAT following. Please stay tuned as there is so much in store for FLINT Program Inc.

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